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Students hosted “TUT Summer Festival” at the TUT Global house

The second "International Understanding Forum" for 2018 was held on Wednesday, July 11

GAC Students joined & supported 'The International Exchange Day: TUT EXPO 2018'.

Founders Interview: International Understanding Forum (IUF)

The first "International Understanding Forum 2018" was held on Wednesday, June 13

Open Campus 2018 will be held on Saturday, August 25!

GAC 1st-year Enrollment : Guidelines for 2019 Admissions have been officially announced

TUT Research | No.13 (May 2018) has been published.

"TUT Global House" activities be introduced in FM Radio programme on May 26

Welcome Party: TUT Global House starts 2018 in a great spirit of friendship!

GAC Undergraduate 3rd-year 2019 Enrollment : Admission page has been updated.

“TOYOHASHI VEGE-night” article appeared in the newspaper.

TUT Research | No.12 (February 2018) has been published.

TUT Global House held “TOYOHASHI VEGE-night: Social gathering with ‘Inochio Holdings Inc.’”

Double-degree Program Partnership Formed with the University of Eastern Finland

TUT Global House held "Social gathering with 'Musashi Seimitsu Industry'"

“Winter Party” held by the TUT Global House

TUT Research | No.11 (December 2017) has been published.

TUT Global House held their first guest-invited event "Social gathering with the President"

GAC Undergraduate 1st-year Enrollment : Round2 Applications will start soon

Student Voice for "TUT Global House's BBQ party"

Special Scholarship Program for International GAC Students

GAC Undergraduate 1st-year Enrollment : Essay Theme Announced

University Festival held on October 7th & 8th

TUT Global House's BBQ party